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Open Source Intelligence is; any unclassified information, in any medium, that is generally available to the public, even if its distribution is limited or only available upon payment

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Using The Internet As An Investigative Tool

This site and its contents form part of an on-going training package aimed at assisting investigators from government agencies, national & local law enforcement and from the commercial sector, including journalists, to learn how to fully utilise the Internet as an Investigative Tool, and in how to access the various Open Source Resources that are available on the Internet.

Whilst we are happy for anyone from law enforcement or any investigators or journalists to use this site during any of their on-going enquiries, this site must not be copied or used for any training without the full written permission of the site owner.

By agreement this website is used to train police officers & staff within Cambridge Police, the City of London Police & Greater Manchester Police. It is also used by Mark Johnson of The Risk Management Group (TRMG), Mike Neumann of ITS Training, the Council of International Investigators, the Centre for Investigative Journalism and Auburn University in Alabama, USA.

Please email us if you are being shown this website as part of a training package and it is not Neil Smith or any of the above doing the training.

If you are an investigator and there is something on this website that you do not understand or if you can't find one of the half a dozen or so hidden pages, then you need training, so email us and ask about our courses & presentations.

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