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Domain Names & IP Addresses

Although you should be able to work out who I am, I don't really care,
as I can work out who you are. So beware of leaving footprints.

There is an interesting article about IP Addresses from the
Privacy Commissioner of Canada Here

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Some other IP Locators
iplocation.net/ whatismyipaddress.com

And for IPv6
subnetonline.com ultratools.com tcpiputils.com

Whois Domain Registration Details
Checkout the whois Registration Details on a Domain Name or Turn an IP Address Around with one of the other following sites;


These May Help

centralops.net    geektools.com    tcpiputils.com

viewdns.info    whoxy.com

Or These May Help             Or Even These May Help

Check For Linked Domains

Easy Space    123-Reg    iwantmyname.com    net2

Reverse Whois On E-Mail Addresses

whoismind.com    whoisology.com    domainbigdata.com

viewdns.info    whoxy.com

Other Whois Domain Registration Details

Nominet    Domain Registry IE    channelisles.net    EUR ID

europeregistry.com    network-tools.com    domaintyper.com    domaincrawler.com

Network Solutions    Internic    Whois.Net Registry

101 Domain    dot mobi domains

To send a complaint to Nominet about a .uk domain name which is incorrectly opted out of the public WhoIs database;


To check-out the whowas / whois history registration details of a Domain Name you can get some information from these sites;

Domain Tools Whowas    Domain History    whoisology.com

The Five Regional Internet Registries;

www.arin.net - American Registry for Internet Numbers
www.apnic.net - Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
www.afrinic.net - African Network Information Center
www.lacnic.net - Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry
www.ripe.net - Reseaux IP Europeans Network Coordination Centre

Internal Network IP Addresses

When tracing an email you need to identify the originating IP Address and then sites like DomainTools & InfoSniper can be used to help show to who & where that IP Address is registered.

The following groups of IP Addresses are the IPv4 address ranges which are reserved for private networks; - - - -

Also the following IPv4 addresses are reserved for localhost communication; -

And the following IPv4 addresses which are reserved for IANA Multicast Addressing / Special Use; -

Some sites where you can see what websites are hosted on a shared server, not perfect but may help;

yougetitsignal.com my-ip-neighbors.com robtex.com Webhosting.Info