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Add-Ons & Extensions

(This page was last updated on the 13/02/2023)

When using browsers such as Mozilla's Firefox, Google's Chrome or Microsoft's Edge, there are many different Add-Ons & Extensions which can be installed to allow some task and enquiries to be carried out straight from the browser.

We do not accept any liability if you download or install any of the below, this is all done at your own risk as you should always check out anything before you install it on your computer; however you may find some of them quite useful additions to your browser. They are in no particular order and relate to Firefox Add-Ons (FF), Chrome Extensions (GC) and Microsoft's Edge Add-Ons (ME). We have also started to put other useful utilities on this site, including Windows Desktop Apps (WA).

Audit Trail (online history recorders)        Hide Google Doodles        Portable Versions

Privacy Protectors        Shortened URL's Addresses        Social Media Related        Video Downloaders

Webpage Date & Time        Website Monitoring       

Audit Trail (online history recorders)
(FF) History ADV+ & (FF) History In Threads & (FF) The History Panel
(FF) Better History / (GC) Better History & (FF) History Master / (GC) History Master
browsing history loggers

Hide Google Doodles
(FF) Hide Google Doodles / (GC) Hide Google Doodles
Stops the Google Doodles appearing on the Google Search page, replacing it with the Google logo instead

Portable Versions
(FF) Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition & (GC) Google Chrome Portable
creates a portable version of your browser with the add-ons and extensions, which can run on a computer from a memory stick

Privacy Protectors
(FF) Ghostery & (GC) Ghostery
see who's tracking your web browsing when you visit a web page

(FF) Blur (previously known as DoNotTrackMe) & protects your privacy by blocking on-line tracking

(GC) Click&Clean
deletes your browsing history and traces of your on-line activity to protect your privacy

Shortened URL's / Addresses
(GC) LongURL
replaces a short URL with the original full version, so you can see where a link is actually taking you

Social Media Related
(GC) OSINT.Support
OSINT Support is creating some very useful social media extensions

(GC) PictureMate
PictureMate is a Chrome extension that will automatically search for "photos of" a Facebook account holder

Video Downloaders
(FF) Video Download Helper
an extension that lets you easily download audio & video from various on-line sites

Webpage Date & Time
Not an add-on or extension but we demonstrate this on our course and it is a little useful tool, so if you want to save this feature to your Favorites or Bookmarks right click on Web Page Date and then click on "Add To Favorites" or "Bookmark This Link", or just left click on the Web Page Date link and then drag it to your Favorites bar, to assist in showing when a static webpage was last updated

Website Monitoring
(GC) VisualPing
stays in the background and monitors web pages for changes

(FF) & (GC) Distill
seems a good way to track / monitor websites and pages for changes, to get email alerts, push notifications and slack/discord alerts on changes. It's available as an addon / extension with both free & paid for options