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Creating Online ID's - Sock Puppets
Fake Names & & False Or Discreet Personas

(This page was last updated on the 30/08/2023)

Useful Reports .
There is a useful guide from Interpol dating from 2006 about name structures from around the world, which can be accessed Here and another useful names guide from the Regional Organized Crime Information Center dating from 2010, which can be accessed Here

Understand Name Styles (Russian Names for Boys, Russian Names for Girls, Arabic & Muslim style names explained)

masterrussian boys names   masterrussian girls names   behindthename Arabic & Muslim style names explained

Fake Name Generators

Fake Credit Card Generator

Avatar Creators

Random Profile Photos (first genuine, next ones created by artificial intelligence)   creating a series of photos of one person for a fake social network profile

Remove A Watermark From An Image

free watermark removal tool   free watermark removal tool   free watermark removal tool

Altering / Enhancing Profile Images (free but you may need to sign in to access) image alter site photo enhancer

Add EXIF Data To Profile Images (to make them seem more genuine)

Mobile App
a useful mobile app for quickly creating a fake identity with an email & telephone number (website link & IOS link)

Receive Confirmation Texts With Free Online Disposable International Mobile Numbers