mSIS is a multi-source investigating suite with OSINT/i3 research functionality, and with a templated Evidence Report feature

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mSIS is a multi-source investigating suite with OSINT/i3 research functionality, with a templated Evidence Report feature, that combines to deliver the user with exceptional productivity. Please email us for more details.

Domain Names & IP Addresses

Although you may be able to work out who I am, I don't really care, as I can work out who you are. So beware of leaving footprints, as these are the types of footprint your computer could be leaving behind on every website you visit.


There is an interesting article about IP Addresses from the Privacy Commissioner of Canada Here.

Some other IP Locators
iplocation.net/ whatismyipaddress.com

And for IPv6
subnetonline.com ultratools.com dnslytics.com

Whois Domain Registration Details

Whilst Law Enforcement can still request the WhoIs Registration details, due to the changes brought in with the adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, the publicly available WhoIs Registration Data has been removed by most providers. The best we can currently advise to use is at GoDaddy, who will return the WhoIs Registration details of sites if the registrant is outside of the EU;


For a limited number of reasons you can obtain the withheld non-public data on a .uk domain name by completing the WhoIs Request form from the below link and then emailing it to Here, however be aware Nominet report that they will notify the registrant of your request and your details;


Hopefully the WhoIs Registration details will come back at some time and then we will update this page with more useful links. Until then we have removed some of the links that were here and left some of the others, which are still useful, if you know how to dig for information.

Useful Domain Registration, IP & Network Research Tools

domaintools.com   centralops.net   geektools.com   domainbigdata.com   dnslytics.com   viewdns.info

infosniper.net   network-tools.com   domaincrawler.com

Reverse (pre GDPR) Whois Details Linked To An E-Mail Addresses. Click Here To Open Multiple Tabs For These Searches (you must "Allow Pop-Ups" from this website to fully activate this link)

domainbigdata.com   whoxy.com   viewdns.info   domaineye.com   whoisology.com

Google Analytic Linked Searches

spyonweb.com   analyzeid.com

Check-Out The WhoWas / WhoIs History Registration Details Of A Domain Name

Domain Tools Whowas   whoisology.com   whoxy.com

Sites Where You Can See What Websites Are Hosted On A Server

builtwith.com   yougetitsignal.com   my-ip-neighbors.com   robtex.com   Webhosting.Info

The Five Regional Internet Registries

             www.arin.net - American Registry for Internet Numbers
             www.apnic.net - Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
             www.afrinic.net - African Network Information Center
             www.lacnic.net - Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry
             www.ripe.net - Reseaux IP Europeans Network Coordination Centre

Internal Network IP Addresses

When tracing an email you need to identify the originating IP Address and then sites like DomainTools & InfoSniper can be used to help show to who & where that IP Address is registered.

The following groups of IP Addresses are the IPv4 address ranges which are reserved for private networks;


Also the following IPv4 addresses are reserved for localhost communication;


And the following IPv4 addresses which are reserved for IANA Multicast Addressing / Special Use;