mSIS is a multi-source investigation solution with OSINT/i3 research functionality, with a templated Evidence Report feature

Instagram Research Tasks

Without making any direct contact with any individuals identified during this exercise, complete the following tasks, using any of the useful links on the 'Instagram Sites' page of our website at www.uk-osint.net. You should spend at least 5 minutes on each task.

If you are struggling move on to the next task or Email us to ask for assistance.

1. Using the link under the 'Pre-Set Google Search To Search Instagram Via A Location - just add the location details to the search box' heading on the 'Instagram' page of our website, add the name of a city or town close to where you live or work to the Google search and then select a location from one of those results returned. Now view the photos uploaded and linked to that location and then select a photograph you are interested in which is linked to a personal Instagram account.

2. From the photograph selected, obtain the Instagram account holders account name and then view their Instagram account page.

3. Using one of the links under the 'Turn An Instagram Account Name Or Photo Into An Instagram Account ID Number' heading on the 'Instagram' page of our website, obtain the Instagram Account ID Number linked to the selected Instagram account.

4. Using one of the links under the 'View & Download A Large Version Of An Instagram Profile Image' heading on the 'Instagram' page of our website, obtain a large copy of the subject profile image used on their Instagram account.

5. Click on one of the recent photographs uploaded from this account, to answer the following;

  a)  what is the URL Of this uploaded image

  b)  check the displayed date on the uploaded image and then by using the technique shown on our website locate the
       time & date it was uploaded as displayed in the Source Code, shown after the phrase uploadDate, which is displayed
       in the American format of YYYY/MM/DD and needs to be converted into the UK format

  c)  check the uploaded posting, checking any Comments or Likes, to see if those that have Commented or Liked the
       posting have the subject listed under their Followers / Followings

6. Using the technique shown on our website to view the full account without signing in, Click on F12 and accessing the Developer Tools. Then Click on the "Inspector" tab and change the word hidden to visible from the 3rd or 4th line down from the top. Then at the bottom of the section, find the line that contains RnEpo Yx5HN & presentation and delete them, so you can view the account without signing in to Instagram.

7. Now using the Account Name or Screen Name and / or any other useful information about the account holders bio, search on Google or another search engine for any other information or linked social media accounts for the subject, checking to see if any of the previously identified useful material or photographs match with these newly located linked accounts and try to identify the individual's correct name, occupation and rough address/location etc.