mSIS is a multi-source investigation solution with OSINT/i3 research functionality, with a templated Evidence Report feature

OSINT & i3 Training - Using The Internet As An Investigative Tool

If you think just by allowing your staff some access to the internet so they can Google things means that they are using the internet as an investigative tool, then you and they could be missing out on a world full of information and their investigations may not be as thorough as need be and may actually be compromised.

As well as regular speaking on OSINT & i3 at conference, we can provide OSINT & i3 training courses, from anything from 1day up to a full 5days, the longer the course then the more we can demonstrate and more time those attending have to try out the techniques and undertake practical tasks. We are now also offering our full course as a Distance Learning Package, so people can take the course in the own time and at home.

Our training modules cover the following;

    Module 1       The Use Of Open Source Intelligence In Investigations

    Module 2A     Google & Advanced Searching Techniques
    Module 2B     Other Search Engines & Meta Search Engines

    Module 3       Computer Security & Footprints

    Module 4       Internet Structure, Domain Names & Website Investigations

    Module 5       Researching Digital Images Online

    Module 6       Understanding E-mails As An Investigative Resource

    Module 7A     Social Media – Identifying People Through Their Social Media Activities
    Module 7B     Social Media – Creating & Managing False Personas
    Module 7C     Social Media – Photos & Video Sites (includes Instagram & YouTube)
    Module 7D     Social Media – Twitter
    Module 7E     Social Media – Facebook
    Module 7F     Social Media – LinkedIn & Bayt
    Module 7G     Social Media – Other Social Media Sites of Interest (includes VK / OK, Gab, Reddit)

    Module 8       Databases Research (UK & International Related Content)

    Module 9A     Researching Those Using Blogs, Forums & Gaming Sites
    Module 9B     Researching Those Using Online Sales & Auction Sites

    Module 10A   Other Online Investigative Resources (Includes Meta Data & The Internet of Things)
    Module 10B   An Introduction To Accessing The Dark Web

    Module 11A   Legislation & Policies Relevant To OSINT In The UK
    Module 11B   Grading Open Source Intelligence

Please Email us if you are interested in finding out more about our OSINT & i3 training or if you want us to speak at a conference or an event that you are arranging.

The below is the time table from the 5day course we do for the University of Central Lancashire as a Module on their Cybercrime Investigations MSC but we can arrange training for you from anything from 1day up to a full 5day course.

UK Police & Law Enforcement
If you are in UK Police or Law Enforcement, then the below should be taken as a guide of how our training courses and material fits within the 5 Levels of Internet Investigations / Research adopted a number of years ago by ACPO / NPCC.

Our standard OSINT & i3 courses are not aimed at training people to engage with subjects online in an undercover style. That role is only to be undertaken by suitably trained undercover officers & staff. Within the UK Police, officers & staff engaged in this type of undercover online enquiry or operation were previously referred to as Covert Internet Investigators (CII’s) and now as Undercover Online Only Operatives (UCOLO) or Undercover Online Operatives (UCOL) and they must do the appropriate College of Policing training.

We are currently not offering our similar Online Covert Investigations & Engagement Training (OCI&ET) course.

Please Email us if you are interested in finding out more about our OSINT & i3 training or if you want us to speak at a conference or an event that you are arranging.