mSIS is a multi-source investigation solution with OSINT/i3 research functionality, with a templated Evidence Report feature

Twitter Research Tasks

Without making any direct contact with any individuals identified during this exercise, complete the following tasks, using any of the useful links on the 'Twitter' page of our website at www.uk-osint.net. You should spend at least 5 minutes on each task.

If you are struggling move on to the next task or Email us to ask for assistance.

Some of these Tasks will require you to have a Twitter account set up, as some of the sites & resources used need to be ‘Authorised To Work With Your Twitter Account’, however this Twitter account can be a false persona account or your own, as you will not be required to post anything or Follow anyone and you should not leave any footprint which other account holders can view.

1. Using the link for ‘OneMillionTweetMap’ under the ‘Twitter Location Details’ heading on the Twitter page of our website, zoom down to a city or town close to where you live or work and then select a Tweet which had being recently sent near to that location. Pick one Tweet and look at then view the linked Twitter Account, reading any recent Tweets and looking at any photos and then using the link for ‘TweetBeaver’ from ‘Turn A Twitter Account Name Into A Twitter ID Number’ answer the following using their ‘Get A Users Account Data’ option;

  a)  What is their Twitter Account Name?
  b)  What is their Twitter Account ID Number?
  c)  When was this Twitter Account created?
  d)  How many Tweets have they sent?
  e)  How many Twitter Accounts do they Follow?
  f)  How many Twitter Accounts Follow them?

2. Now using the link for ‘Teaching Privacy’ or ‘Tweet Mapper’ under the 'Twitter Location Details' heading, search this Twitter account name to identify any locations of previous Tweets, looking to identify any hotspots, which may by a possible home address or work location

3. Now view the profile image for this Twitter account and use the Reverse Image Search technique to try to locate any linked accounts or try to identify what or who is shown in the profile image

4. Now using the Account Name or Screen Name and / or any other useful information about the account holders bio and posts, search on Google or other search engine for any other information or linked social media accounts, checking to see if any of the previously identified useful material or photographs match with these newly located linked accounts and try to identify the individual's correct name, occupation and rough address/location etc.

5. Now using one of the links under the heading of ‘Turn A Twitter ID Number Into The Current Twitter Account Name’ what is the Twitter account name that relates to the Twitter ID Number of 18953259 and when was this Twitter Account created

6. Now using one of the links under ‘Mutual Followers / Following’ heading, compare the Twitter Accounts of @qwarie_osint & @neilsmith2202, how many ‘Followed by’ and ‘Followers of’ do they have in common;

     Followed By:
     Followers Of:

7. Now using the link for ‘TweetBeaver’ search for any public conversation between the Twitter accounts of @Herring1967 and @gofasterchris, display any located conversation on the screen and then downloading as a CSV / Spreadsheet

8. Now using the link on ‘TweetBeaver’ convert the Twitter Account ID Numbers of 19017675 & 3131144855 in to Account Names and then research to see if they follow each other

     19017675 = @
     3131144855 = @

9. Now using one of the links under the ‘Mutual Followers / Following’ heading, check both of these accounts to see what if any accounts they have in common as Followers and Following

     Common Number Of Followers:
     Common Number Followed By:

10. Now using the link under the ‘Deleted Tweets From Politicians’ heading, check both of these accounts for any recent deleted Tweets & posts

11. Now using one of the links under the heading of ‘Turn A Twitter ID Number Into The Current Twitter Account Name’ to convert the Twitter Account ID Number of 162449244 into a Twitter Account Name

12. Now using this Twitter account name, search it on the link for ‘Tweet Mapper’ under the “Twitter Location Details” heading, to identify any locations linked to any previous Tweets from this account

13. Now view the ‘Media’ postings from this Twitter account, to see if any of the images and posting match the locations show from the ‘Tweet Mapper’ research

14. Now using this Twitter Account Name, use it with the link for ‘AllMyTweets’, under the heading of ‘Other Useful Sites’, to obtain a copy of all of the Tweets from this Twitter account, saving that page and then saving the content in to word or spreadsheet type document