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Useful Facebook Links

Much of the following was heavily inspired by and put together with assistance from Michael Bazzell (www.inteltechniques.com), Henk van Ess (graph.tips), Bob Brasich (www.netbootcamp.org) and Paul Myers (www.researchclinic.net) who we are indebted to and are all worth checking out.

Facebook Law Enforcement Guide can be found Here


Make sure your Facebook account has Graph Search enabled,
by changing your language setting to English (US) instead of English (UK).

Facebook Friend / People Finder

facebook.com peoplefindthor.dk

Facebook Account ID Number

lookup-id.com findmyfbid.com findfacebookid.com lookup-id.com

If none of the above links to locate someones Facebook Account ID Number are working, you can copy what is in the address bar, paste it into a fresh tab and then search the source code (right click & View Page Source) of the subjects Facebook page for the phrase "profile_id" (without the quotes) and the Facebook ID Number should be listed after that - thanks to Paul Myers (@researchclinic) for this work around.

Or from Michael Bazzell (@IntelTechniques) the following. Create the following link to your Favorites or Bookmarks, right click on FB Account ID and then click on "Add To Favorites" in Internet Explorer or "Bookmark This Link" in Firefox. Or just left click on the FB Account ID link and then drag to your Favorites bar

Now you can add your subjects Facebook Account ID Number to the appropriate box to search for content linked to Facebook accounts from public available open Facebook accounts.

Individual Accounts
Links between your subject and Photos from open Facebook sites
- photos of your subject
- photos by your subject
- photos liked by your subject
- photos commented on by your subject

Links between your subject and Videos from open Facebook sites
- videos by your subject
- videos liked by your subject
- videos commented on by your subject

Links between your subject and Articles, Groups & Posts from open Facebook sites
- articles your subject is mentioned in
- groups your subject is a member of
- posts your subject has liked

Links between your subject and Places from open Facebook sites
- places liked by your subject
- places visited by your subject
- places checked-in by your subject

Links between your subject and Other Things from open Facebook sites
- events your subject has been invited to attend
- friends of friends of your subject

You can try other searches in the Facebook search box, such as "people who live in A who like B" etc

What Links Two Accounts
Friends Since, Number Of Mutual Friends & Comments etc - One Open Account
- Friends Since etc

Total Mutual Friends - Both Open Accounts
- Total Mutual Friends

- photos commented on
- photos tagged in
- photos liked

- videos commented on
- videos tagged in
- videos liked

Articles & Groups
- articles mentioned in
- groups joined

Pages & Postings
- pages liked
- posts liked

Places & Events
- places visited
- common events

Location / Company Accounts
Links to a Location Or Place from open Facebook sites (use the Facebook ID Number for a Location or Place from its Facebook page)
- photos taken at a location or place
- videos taken at a location or place
- employees of a location or place
- users who have visited a location or place
- users who have checked in to a location or place
- users who like a location or place
- comments about a location or place

Facebook Live Video Map


Download Facebook Videos

downvids.net fbdown.net keepvid.com dredown.com

You can either use one of the above to download a video from Facebook or visit the video from the actual account holders page, then in the url / address bar change the www to m, then when the video opens, right click on the video and select “Save Video AS”.

Is An Email Address Or Mobile Number Linked To Any Accounts
www.facebook.com - useful tool for linking email addresses & mobile numbers to Facebook accounts (when you are not signed in to Facebook)

Some Other Useful Resources
www.facebook.com - the people directory for when Facebook isn't working properly
www.whotalking.com - check out real time results of Who's Talking about searched words on a number of different Social Media sites

eXTReMe Tracker