mSIS is a multi-source investigation solution with OSINT/i3 research functionality, with a templated Evidence Report feature

Search Engines

Google Sites
www.google.com - stop google.com from redirecting to google.co.uk or other country code
www.google.com - Google (.com) advanced search page
www.google.com - common search techniques & commands for Google
www.jwebnet.net - unofficial advanced Google search commands
www.searchenginejournal.com - details of the Advanced Google Search operators from the Search Engine Journal
www.exploit-db.com - database of useful Google Hacking / Dorking searches & commands for finding useful content online
www.isearchfrom.com - site allowing you to do a google search as if it was made in a country of your choice
www.advangle.com - advanced search builder for Google & Bing
www.google.com - Google Scholar search site
www.google.com - Google Dataset search site
www.facesaerch.com - a site that is pre-set to search for a licence free colour image of a face on Google images

Anonymous / Privacy Style Search Engines
www.duckduckgo.com - a search engine, whose sales point is that it says it doesn't track you
www.startpage.com - a search engine offering anonymous searching
www.gibru.com - a search engine offering “uncensored anonymous search”
www.swisscows.com - a Swiss based search engine which calls itself “the efficient alternative for anyone who attaches great importance to data integrity and the protection of privacy”
www.lukol.com - which works as a proxy server from Google, removing traceable entities
www.metager.de - a German search engine that removes traces of your electronic footprints and also allows for anonymous linking
www.oscobo.com - a British search engine offering not to track your searches

Country Specific Search Engines
www.searchenginecolossus.com - country specific search engines
www.searchenginesindex.com - country specific search engines

Deepweb Search Engines
www.stumpedia.com - a deepweb search engine
www.surfwax.com - a deepweb search engine

Meta Search Engines
www.myallsearch.com - meta search engine
www.dogpile.com - meta search engine
www.carrot2.org - meta search engine
www.info.com - meta search engine
www.webcrawler.com - meta search engine
www.searx.me - meta search engine
www.metager.org - meta search engine
www.anonymize.com - anonymous / privacy style meta search engine

Other Popular Search Engines
www.yandex.com - popular Russian search engine
www.yahoo.com - the Yahoo search engine
www.seznam.cz - a Czech search engine
www.yahoo.com - the Yahoo advanced search page
www.bing.com - the Bing (Microsoft) search engine
www.baidu.com - popular Chinese search engine
www.baiduinenglish.com - a site that allows you to do a basic search but returns the results via a Baidu page run thru Google translate into English
www.soso.com - a Chinese search engine
www.millionshort.com - a slightly different search engine, good for filtering out the standard results and finding results buried further down
www.qwant.com - a slightly different looking search engine

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