mSIS is a multi-source investigating suite with OSINT/i3 research functionality, and with a templated Evidence Report feature

Qwarie - mSIS

mSIS is a multi-source investigating suite with OSINT/i3 research functionality, with a templated Evidence Report feature, that combines to deliver the user with exceptional productivity. Please email us for more details.

Search Engines

Please contact Qwarie to find out about the advanced OSINT search tools in mSIS, including Facebook & Twitter Advanced Searches, providing you with practical research solutions now, and into the future.

Google Sites
www.google.com - stop google.com from redirecting to google.co.uk or other country code
www.google.com - Google (.com) advanced search page
www.google.com - common search techniques & commands for Google
www.jwebnet.net - unofficial advanced Google search commands
www.searchenginejournal.com - details of the Advanced Google Search operators from the Search Engine Journal
www.advangle.com - advanced search builder for Google & Bing
www.isearchfrom.com - site allowing you to do a google search as if it was made in a country of your choice
www.google.com - Google Scholar search site
www.google.com - Google Dataset search site
www.facesaerch.com - a site that is pre-set to search for a licence free colour image of a face on Google images

Anonymous / Privacy Style Search Engines
www.duckduckgo.com - a search engine, whose sales point is that it says it doesn't track you
www.startpage.com - a search engine offering anonymous searching
www.gibru.com - a search engine offering “uncensored anonymous search”
www.swisscows.com - a Swiss based search engine which calls itself “the efficient alternative for anyone who attaches great importance to data integrity and the protection of privacy”
www.lukol.com - which works as a proxy server from Google, removing traceable entities
www.metager.de - a German search engine that removes traces of your electronic footprints and also allows for anonymous linking
www.oscobo.com - a British search engine offering not to track your searches

Country Specific Search Engines
www.searchenginecolossus.com - country specific search engines
www.searchenginesindex.com - country specific search engines

Deepweb Search Engines
www.stumpedia.com - a deepweb search engine
www.surfwax.com - a deepweb search engine

Meta Search Engines
www.myallsearch.com - meta search engine
www.dogpile.com - meta search engine
www.carrot2.org - meta search engine
www.info.com - meta search engine
www.webcrawler.com - meta search engine
www.searx.me - meta search engine
www.metager.org - meta search engine
www.anonymize.com - anonymous / privacy style meta search engine

Other Popular Search Engines
www.yandex.com - popular Russian search engine
www.yahoo.com - the Yahoo search engine
www.yahoo.com - the Yahoo advanced search page
www.bing.com - the Bing (Microsoft) search engine
www.baidu.com - popular Chinese search engine
www.baiduinenglish.com - a site that allows you to do a basic search but returns the results via a Baidu page run thru Google translate into English
www.millionshort.com - a slightly different search engine, good for filtering out the standard results and finding results buried further down
www.qwant.com - a slightly different looking search engine
wwww.dothop.com - a search engine offering an interesting graphic display

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