mSIS is a multi-source investigation solution with OSINT/i3 research functionality, with a templated Evidence Report feature

Recent Updates To Our Website & Training

This page will be updated with details of any new OSINT / i3 techniques and resources and any new links to useful sites that we have added to our website.

21st February 2020
www.smallbusinesspro.co.uk - was added to the Company Related Sites page of our website - smallbusinesspro a site with useful details about EU & UK VAT Numbers

20th February 2020
www.camopedia.org - was added to the Military section of the Favorites page of our website - camopedia can be used to identify the different camouflage patterns used by military forces in a country

20th February 2020
www.receivesms.co - was added to the Receive Confirmation Texts With Free Online Disposable International Mobile Numbers & Linked Sites section of the Mobile & Phone Related page of our website - receivesms provides free access to a variety of international mobile numbers to receive confirmation texts

19th February 2020
Gave a talk on using Open Source Intelligence in Investigations at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

Presentation At Anglia Ruskin University

Email us if you would like us to give a talk at an event or a conference you are organising.

7th February 2020
Got an article on Browser Fingerprinting from Bill Hess at PixelPrivacy, which we've added to the Privacy page of our website - so click Here to read more about Browser Fingerprinting

4th February 2020
www.gumroad.com - was added to the Hidden Data section of the Software page of our website - EXIFHound is a useful tool to display the available Exif Data in an image

This one is from @henkvaness
www.lampyre.io - was added to the Odd Ones section of the Software page of our website - lampyre is a useful tool for searching email addresses & mobile phone numbers, linking them to various online sites & accounts, with a handy guide produced by @henkvaness available Here

3rd February 2020
www.emailsherlock.com - was added to the People Search Sites page of our website - emailsherlock is an email search site, which checks a number of sites but displays the email addresses that have been recently searched and sometimes contacts them as well

2nd February 2020
This one is from @PaulMyersBBC
www.skopenow.com - was added to the People Search Sites page of our website - skopenow is a useful paid for people search site

January 2020
Just added a section on Off-Facebook Activity to our training module on Facebook.

www.distill.io - was added to the Website Monitoring section of the AddOns page of our website - distill seems a good way to track / monitor websites and pages for changes, to get email alerts, push notifications and slack/discord alerts on changes. It’s available as an addon / extension with both free & paid for options

www.ufind.name - was added to the People Search Sites page of our website - ufind is a people search site but is quite USA focused

This one is from @Haaxmax
www.webmii.com - was added to the People Search Sites page of our website - webmii is a people search site, looking mostly at social media posting

www.emojipedia.org - was added to the Translation Sites section on the Favorites page - emojipedia is an emoji reference website, which lists the different meanings and common usage of emoji characters, as well as showing how emoji's look different from different services & providers

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